Company Culture


Company Culture

We seamlessly combine our decades of knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship with the latest machines and traditional production techniques, and offer our custom-made knitwear at an affordable price-performance balance.

What's more, our sweaters are natural and sustainable, we are constantly reducing our dependence on man-made fibers in our clothes.

We do not believe in making disposable garments, moreover, our sweaters do not contain artificial and synthetic fibers. We focus on using only the world's best yarns to create timeless classics in modern molds. 
Our knitwear is comfortable, breathable, and effortless to dress up or down, in summer or in winter.
All of our sweaters are made in factories owned and operated by the Samanci Group family in Istanbul.

Since there is no intermediary in our chain, we can offer our tricot at an affordable price. We have something for everyone from light knits to comfortable thick sweaters.

There is something for everyone in our collection.