Delivery and Returns

In accordance with the relevant legislation; By service providers (mail-cargo companies), at the stage of delivery of postal shipments to the recipient; as a minimum, the name-surname of the recipient, T.R. 

Identification number (passport number for foreign nationals, number of the equivalent document with international validity or document number issued by the Turkish authorities) is recorded and kept for at least two years by providing confidentiality to the relevant authorities when necessary. If the recipient does not want to provide their credentials, the shipment will not be delivered and returned to the sender.

Your orders will be sent to your registered delivery address by cargo within 1-5 business days. When ordering, we recommend that you make sure that you write your e-mail address correctly and check your spam/junk boxes in order to receive your notification emails.

The information that the cargo company shares on your cargo tracking number and on the cargo company system; "Predicted Delivery Time" is a detail shared by the cargo company as estimated. This date is not the exact delivery date.

If the delivery cannot be made when the cargo company arrives at your address, you will come to your address for delivery the next day, and you do not have to do anything about this.

If you want to change your address, you can use the link www.ups.com.tr/AdresDegisikligiTalepFormu.

If you want to return the product or products you have purchased, you can send it with UPS Cargo within 15 days.

You can process your exchange return transactions by sending us free of charge with the exchange/return form sent to you with your product in your package.

The packages you deliver to the cargo company are delivered to us within an average of 3 working days. Unfortunately, transactions are not possible on weekends.

You can follow up your exchange/return process by requesting the cargo tracking number of the packages you will send to us as exchange/return from the cargo company.

After your exchange process is completed, your new cargo tracking number will be sent to you by e-mail. If no mail is sent to you, we recommend that you check your spam/junk boxes.

After your return transactions are completed by us, within an average of 10 business days, your bank will return to the card you made the transaction from.

For more information; destek@halifaks.com.tr