Our Story

About Halifaks

Halifaks a unique knitwear manufacturer based in Istanbul is trying to offer the purest knitwear experience for our customers, so we use only natural fiber yarns in knitwear production and stay away from artificial and synthetic fibers.

We search the world to find the most spinners to make sure every piece of Halifaks knitwear is made from the most elegant materials.

We travel to Italy for extra fine merino wool - then India and Egypt for premium cotton, South America for ultra-warm, soft Alpaca, and the British Isles for the famous wool and lamb wool. 

We take these steps and turn them into long-lasting, stylish, functional clothing.


Our History

Halifaks has been operating in the men's clothing sector since 1965, was incorporated into Samancı Group in 2009.

Since the establishment makes all the production in İstanbul and sells all over the world as Turkish-Made knitwear and t-shirts were exporter and still one of the high-quality manufacturer and exporter.

Halifaks, which has been advancing with firm steps since then, lives as a strong brand today as it was yesterday.


Company Culture 

We seamlessly combine our decades of knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship with the latest machines and traditional production techniques, and offer our custom-made knitwear at an affordable price-performance balance. 

What's more, our sweaters are natural and sustainable, we are constantly reducing our dependence on man-made fibers in our clothes.

We do not believe in making disposable garments, moreover, our sweaters do not contain artificial and synthetic fibers. We focus on using only the world's best yarns to produce timeless classics in modern molds. 

Our knitwear is comfortable, breathable, and effortless to dress up or down, summer or winter. All of our sweaters are made in factories owned and operated by our family in Istanbul. Since there is no intermediary in our chain, we can offer our trichome at an affordable price.

We have something for everyone from light knits to comfortable thick sweaters.


Company Profile

For a detailed company profile, please send an e-mail to info@halifaks.com.tr.


Our Designs

Our collections make every day extraordinary. We produce timeless classics and wardrobe staples from top quality cotton, alpaca, merino wool, and lambswool.


Our Yarns

We use natural yarns in Halifaks. Our yarns that have developed over thousands of years are the performance fabrics of nature. Our fibers are skin-friendly, breathable, and offer exceptional wicking and heat regulation properties.

It provides sustainable, beautiful color and grip, but most importantly, it is comfortable to wear.


Our Factories

In our factories, 96% of our products are completed in-house, we wash, steam, and press. By the way, it means that we control the whole process without intermediaries.

By working on this regular pattern, we can be sure of the integrity of our garments and set our prices fairly.


Our Vision

With a clear understanding of the fleeting nature of a customer's relationship with brands and trends, we focus solely on creating the most accessible and unique interpretations of timeless wardrobe staples designed to last longer than any trend.