Why Natural Fibre Clothing

Here at Halifaks, we use only the purest, 100% natural fibre yarns in our luxury knitwear. Evolved over thousands of years, our yarns are natures performance fabrics. Breathable, made to last and offering incredible wicking properties, the intelligent yarns we use only stands to push our knitwear to the highest level of comfort and credibility.


We’re passionate about helping our customers make the move from man-made fibres to 100% sustainable, natural ones and how making small adjustments to their wardrobe will change the way they feel in their clothing and how natural fibres benefit the environment.


Water repellent and durable, natural fibres are significantly safer than manmade ones and the renewable and recyclable nature means that customers can feel confident in the knowledge that their jumper will biodegrade over time.


Unlike synthetic fibres, natural ones have an incredible handle and lustre which allows dyes to be bright and bold without appearing artificial and surface textures are incredibly warm and cosy.


Our yarns are sourced from the world’s finest spinners with decades of knowledge and skill running throughout and guaranteeing a foundation of luxury and heritage within our natural fibre knitwear.


Whilst initially more of an investment, natural fibres come with a set of qualities that guarantee the life span of your jumper through minimal washing required, easily repaired and rejuvenated fibres and organic ‘bounce back’ characteristics that mean your sweater will hold its shape and retain that new jumper feel for longer. 



Merino Wool




For thousands of years, sheep have evolved to withstand the harshest of conditions. A sheep’s wool protects them from the wind, rain and sun. Wool reacts to temperature, so it has the ability to keep you warm and it also wicks moisture, so it has the ability to remove heat and perspiration from your body to cool you down.


As wool is a living natural fibre it means that it harbours odour removing bacteria, unlike polyester which attracts bad bacteria, this is why your gym kit will smell if not washed quickly.


We love our British wool sweaters, especially when layered over our fine-gauge knits as it provides the ultimate insulation from the elements.






Knitted cotton is a soft skin-friendly breathable fibre. During the summer cotton is ideal as it removes heat from the body by absorbing moisture. We don’t recommend cotton for high-intensity exercise as it can absorb as much as 10 times its weight in water, however for daily wear its ideal.


Cotton is strong and durable, making it perfect for machine washing, and the fibres do not pill. Cotton clothing also resist stains and resists odours more than synthetic fibres.


We love supplementing our looks with the unique drape that our cotton knitwear has.



Unlike man-made clothing, clothes made with natural fibres do not shed microbeads of non-biodegradable material when they are washed. Natural fibres are environmentally friendly.